FAMD Professional Writings
Five (05) months of studies, three (03) days per week / month.
Date démarrage
Mars - Septembre 2019
This training proposes methods and know-how allowing trainees to improve their capacity to illustrate professional writings.
It helps to find the bases of the written communication and the fundamentals of the French language, understand the importance of the outline (plan) and to work its style.
Population concernée
This training is addressed to all the executives who hope to improve their professional writings.
Méthodes pédagogique
Somaire du programme
Module 01 : Fundamental know-how and re view of some orthographic and grammatical rules that structure the speech, word order.
Module 02 : General advice of redaction: the outline (plan), the argumentation, the style and the epistolary protocol.
Module 03 : Trainings about the different types of writings : “the business letter”
Module 04 : The official reports and reports.
Module 05 : The report: a comparative definition with other professional reports - the synthesis
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Mme Wassila GUENDEZ eps IMLOUL

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